Stories can move the soul...

And a moved soul can impact the world and change our life, our work, our art, and more importantly, others. We can live an amazing story.

I speak on my book The Long Awakening, writing, medicine, faith, and creativity.  My speaking topics include living a story that matters, creating a meaningful life, impacting others, contributing to culture, and killer storytelling. 

I speak for conferences, keynotes, workshops, medical and writing groups, churches, and events for creatives.

If you’re a meeting planner I want to help you achieve your goals for your audience and tailor my talks to fit your needs. 


Your event matters.
Your audience matters.
Ideas matter. 


A Bit About Me

 I’m an author, journalist, storyteller, former broadcaster, radio story-maker, and long-time speaker. I’ve spoken to audiences of all sizes, from intimate gatherings to groups of five thousand. In story-driven, multi-media presentations with an engaging, highly relatable style I want to leave audiences encouraged, inspired, challenged and moved to make a difference in their life and the lives of others.

My newest book is The Long Awakening: A Memoir which was an Amazon and Denver Post Best Seller. As an author and journalist I’ve done hundreds of interviews on both sides of the mic and I’ve contributed to American Public Media’s Weekend America, WashingtonPost.com, Writer’s Digest, The Rocky Mountain News, Christianity Today, Guideposts and many more. My audio book was a finalist for an Audio Publishers Association award. 

My husband and I live outside of Denver and have five children.


Most Requested Talks

The Long Awakening: The Art of Knowing Who You Are

    Three of our greatest needs are love, a way through suffering, and a sense of our identity. This is my story of being some place “other.” First in a coma. Then worse. Lost. After waking from a two-month coma after childbirth I struggled to discover what had happened, love my child, and rediscover who I was. I awoke to a baby I didn’t know and a body I didn’t recognize. I faced a life and self I didn’t know how to put back together.  An altered life and the long journey afterwards can leave us searching for a way out and through with the love we need to do it. Who am I again? we ask. Who am I now? we wonder. There is purpose in our life when we know who we are and how to be that.

Live an Amazing Story 

    What would our days look like and our impact be if we could live an amazing story? No one sets out to live a mediocre life where we’re unfulfilled, bored, in pain, disillusioned, or feeling insignificant. Or a life that’s just “good enough.” We want to live a life that matters. Not just our days and years, but our story– Well told, well lived, as a worthy character, with unforgettable scenes and desires to reach for and obstacles to overcome, tough choices, resolutions and more story that brings redemption, beauty, truth, and good. What do people with remarkable lives have in common? We can make a better life and the world a better place because we’re in it when we understand how our struggles are crucial to our story and when we combine intentional choices with purposeful actions and live for something greater than ourself. Live an amazing story.

Additional Topics...

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Here are a few recent events

  • American Society of Journalists and Authors

  • Rose Medical Center

  • Swedish Medical Center Critical Care Conference

  • Mississippi Ave. Baptist Church

  • Essentials: Workshops for Women, Southeast Christian Church

  • Lighthouse Writer’s Workshop


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