On Medicine, Healthcare, and Wellness


The Long Awakening: A Patient Perspective Story of a Two-Month Coma

This is the story of my two-month drug-induced coma after childbirth complications and the long road back. A near bleed-out after a uterine rupture led to 107 days in the hospital, life support, Acute Respiratory Distress Disorder, multi-organ failure, massive complications, suspected brain damage, end-of-life choices, and a life altering recovery afterwards.

    An excellent medical professional in the patient’s eyes is one who, despite being overworked with too many patients and too little time and the toll of a career that deals with life and death and the illness in between, treats their patients as more than needs on a pillow. They are a care-giver who remembers that their patients have physical needs as well as a story.

This talk covers:

  • What happened.
  • What healthcare pros did right.
  • What medical professionals could have improved upon.
  • What I’m most grateful for.


My Side of the Bed: Critical Care from the Patient’s View

Months in ICU on life support gave me a first hand experience of the issues surrounding critical care and post critical care.

This talk covers:

  • The patient’s experience in critical care which can give you greater empathy and just might change an aspect of your practice to make you the best care-giver you can be.
  • The family’s role and struggles with a loved one in critical care.
  • Post critical care struggles, needs, and suggestions for change.


These talks can be tailored to the event. Suggested venues include conventions, conferences, keynotes, hospital sponsored events for the public, workshops, grand rounds, continuing education, and wellness groups.