On Faith


Stalking God

What happens when we search for God in crisis and smack into doubt instead of what we’re looking for? What happens when we can’t see or feel God’s presence? What happens to our spiritual moorings when we can’t find meaning in our suffering, or wonder if there is any? What do we do next if we’re sick of Christian platitudes that try to stick a verse on a happy face sticker and call that meaning? This is the true story of my two-month coma after childbirth and the long journey back. Keeping (or considering) faith during trauma and suffering and doubt and life’s beauty is worth everything.


Live an Amazing Story

The presentation, Live an Amazing Story (see previous page), can also be adapted as a talk for faith-based audiences. These talks can be customized for your group. Audiences have included keynotes, conferences, church events, women’s conferences, and workshops.