Three Things to Love about the STORY Conference + GIVEAWAY


Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway and to the great folks at STORY for their generosity. The WINNER is...

Molly O'Neill!
Congratulations Molly! Enjoy your goodies from STORY!

If hearing the word “story” or “creative” sparks a little sizzle in your heart, you have got to connect with the STORY tribe. If you want a chance to win this STORY box packed with goodies and a FREE BOOK, keep reading to enter this giveaway and find out what's under that cool lid.

 STORY is a conference and community for creatives. I found them while surfing one day and think what they’re doing is so inspiring I want to share it with you. If you make anything, or want to—a song, a book, a talk, a painting, a thank you note—you may love this. I do.

This “Uncommon Creativity Conference" is in Nashville, October 1st & 2nd. (You can find out more and still register here. Scroll down and read "Our Story" in the About section for a peek at this event's innovative magic.) Their presenters are leading creative practitioners—from writers to artists to filmmakers, all kinds of makers in fact. It's a multi-discipline creativity infusion where filmmakers can learn from novelists, musicians from creative directors and such.

Here's why I think this may be the coolest thing I've seen this year:

1. They are all about challenging us to become better storytellers.

2. They measure their success by what we are inspired to go out and create.

3. The tribe.

Some of their presenters are iconic, but STORY's creator, Ben Arment, says "our goal is not to invite people you’ve heard of – just those you will." Their community includes "creative directors, artists, designers, writers, filmmakers, producers, innovators, musicians and unsuspecting creatives who want to use their gifts for good."



Using our gifts for good. Now that resonates.

It also looks extraordinarily high quality. A unique experience. Talks layered with music, backdrops, visuals, special effects, beauty. Sounds intriguing right? 



Even if you can’t get away to their conference, follow their Instagram feed, @STORYnashville. It’s beauty and inspiration and a little art. Their hashtag #somestoriesarereal is what JRR Tolkien said to CS Lewis about the greatest story ever told, and it’s also their theme this year. You can follow their hashtag on Twitter and Insta too, #storynashville. 

STORY Conference's creator, Ben Arment, is the author of Dream Year: Make the Leap From A Job You Hate to a Life You Love. I listened to the audiobook and liked it so much I read it in print too! Best entrepreneurial book I've read all year.

He says, "Creativity is a to-do list. Do the work of the dream." What's your sweet spot? "It's where these four components—passion, demand, platform, and giftedness—come together in one coordinated expression." Even if you don't have a job you hate, just a dream you want to pursue, you'll love this book. (Hint: you might want to enter this giveaway.)

I'm also an avid listener of a podcast called This Moved Mea show about creating talks that move the world. I reached out to the charming and professional host, Sally Zimney, to tell her I admired her work and she ended up inviting me to be a guest. 

We talked about "On Evolving Our Stories (to keep up with who we've become)." In her signature "This Moved Me Moment" in each show where she and the guest tell what moved them that week, I shared this quote from a STORYNashville Instagram post:

If you make with words, write. If you make with color, paint. If you make with film, record. If you make with people, bring the house down. If you make with meals, treble clefs, graphite, events, flora and fauna, and anything else that rests between your fingers and heavy upon your soul, we are your people. We are your high-fiving, butt-kicking, mega-geeking tribe. And when you are out in front, seemingly alone, we are behind you. All. the. way.
— @chantal_wiebe, @STORY’s writer and curator.

And that is why I am loving this STORY tribe. And This Moved Me.



Courtesy of the great people at STORY, the winner will get:

  • A copy of the book Dream Year: Make the Leap From a Job You Hate to a Life You Love, by Ben Arment, STORY Conference Creator.
  • A limited edition STORY print.
  • A STORY day sheet notepad.
  •  Some other fun, surprise items.


  • Comment below, telling me about what you make or what you love to  consume that other creatives make. Stories, art, dinner? Whatever. That's it. 

Deadline for entry- Friday, September 18, 2015, 5:00 p.m.. Winner chosen at random. U.S.-based, non-P.O. box only. I'll announce the winner to my list first so if you're not signed up check back here to see who won. This is not a sponsored post or affiliate link. I found STORY organically and love their mission and Ben's book, and he was kind enough to donate the goodie box.

I'd like to invite you to join my community here. Signing up for blog updates is not a requirement for the giveaway, but if you love story (especially true story), I'd love to have you.

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Three things to love about the #STORY conference + #GIVEAWAY via @lindseyoconnor. #Storynashville  Tweet this.

So, ready to enter the giveaway? Tell us, what do you make? Or what do you love that other creatives make?