15 Ways to Live an Amazing Story


  1. Know who you are and be that.
  2. Like a story's flawed hero, sacrifice for others.
  3. Keep the story from being boring.
  4. Do big things, scary things, that matter.
  5. Revise an old story.
  6. Write a new chapter.
  7. Be a worthy character in your story.
  8. Know what your character wants (you), and why.
  9. Amazing stories require conflict so work the struggles.
  10. Prepare for story turns.
  11. Be courageous and steadfast when black moments squeeze you into tough choices.
  12. Look for points of insight.
  13. Don’t live the story and stay unchanged.
  14. Do something you’ve always wanted to do with the pages of your days.
  15. Do good.

What would you add to the list?  What do you want to do to live the best story you can?