A Motto to Accomplish More This Year

mottoOver-thinking is paralysis to producing and actually getting work out into the world. I’m terribly guilty of this. So here’s what I’m telling myself: Quit planning and contemplating and start doing.

Like the old neighbor told George Bailey standing on the sidewalk under the moon, “You going to kiss her already or talk her to death?” Think about it, or act on the good idea.

At some point, as soon as possible, I have to quit tinkering and do the work I want to do. It isn’t neurosurgery or peace brokering, unless it’s neurosurgery or peace brokering.

To accomplish what I want to achieve, I need to stop over-thinking, over-planning, start somewhere, anywhere, make what I'm trying to make, then get it out the door.

So, to accomplish more here’s my motto for the year:

Plan Less. Produce More. Create and Ship.

I wrote this motto in my Moleskine notebook, and on a sticky note above my desk. I say and look at this motto every day. Then, I do.