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This is a blog about true story. It’s for story lovers and storytellers. It’s a home for those of us in the true story tribe who love memoir, narrative nonfiction, public radio, literary journalism.

It’s a place for people who want to find, produce, talk about and tell stories that are true. Stories that are artful and factual. Nonfiction that reads or sounds like fiction. Ones that have both the deliciousness of story and the knowledge that it exists in the real world.

Here’s what I have to give: a passion for true story.

I hope this blog gives you some inspiration to create and suggestions for great reads and great radio. I love to share what I’m learning that’s practical and useful about living a creative life, productivity and tech for creatives and storytellers. I want to share interviews with interesting people and give backstory to some pieces--the process, tips, the whys, and extra material that didn’t make it in. Yes, we learn and get inspired and all those good things, but also it’s just plain fun.

They are more than entertainment or information, they are a little art that has the power to move and inspire us, make us feel less alone, contribute to the culture, resonate with things that matter and help us think larger about the world. We learn about others’ lives so we can live better ones and do a little good.

I created this blog because, well, I’m an author. I write. I promise not to talk about my dog or cat because I got rid of them due to their being crazy, but I can’t promise I won’t talk about my family or my life sometimes (you know, memoir and all that).

Let’s create and consume true stories.

Let’s make something.

Let’s do good.

Ready, set, go.