A Fun StoryCorps Piece That's Also a Story Lesson

This short audio piece from StoryCorps is charming and packed with a little lesson in story. Listen and learn something about conversational storytelling skill from the characters. 

Two people are simply reminiscing about their former Sunday School teacher, but their laughter is irresistible, their voices are character rich, and their wording is memorable which draws you into the story— a great example of the power of audio. Listen especially to the dialogue (James quoting himself and Miss Devine) and description (you see what this little boy was wearing, which makes the scene) and excellent pacing. All this in under three minutes.

Enjoy this lovely little sound gem. If not for the story example, then just for the fun of it.


"James Ransom and Cherie Johnson remember their neighbor and Sunday school teacher."

Have you heard a story lately you'd recommend?