A Story About Sacrifice and the Most Valuable Thing We Have

Mothers sacrifice. It's part of the job description. But in this short audio story the mother's sacrificial living really began when the heavy lifting of motherhood for most moms ends—when our kids go to college. 

Jenny Carter's son, Sean, sustained a traumatic brain injury in a car crash when he was a college student. He can't walk and can speak only through a computer. He interviewed his mother, who's his full-time caregiver, at StoryCorps.

Her life-giving and his gratefulness are striking, yet what moved me most about this story were her words on what she thinks matters most.

Time’s really the valuable commodity that we have, and if you can share that time with somebody else, that’s probably the most important thing you can do for someone. It’s the only thing that matters.
— Jenny Carter

(Note: The end of the audio has a few minor expletives, so fyi if you have kids around.)