Where Do You Want to Go?

ImageThe grass is still winter brown now, a shade that leaves me longing to go somewhere afar. Some place that holds promise of a little adventure, or a lot. A place to see and be that expands my view of the world, all shiny with it’s newness to me. An experience.


I’m dreaming of…



What are you dreaming of? And why?

  • Sharon

    Viking Longboat river cruise on the Rhine or Danube, in my dreams. Realistically – Sanibel Island, Florida Memorial Day weekend.

    • Lindsey OConnor

      Sharon a friend of mine who’s a travel writer did that and she said it was fantastic. Sanibel Island’s not bad either. :)

  • Susan

    Saint Lucia. :) Next month!

    • Lindsey OConnor

      Not just dreaming, but going! A dream about to become a dream fulfilled and I’m so happy for you. Soak it up.